Oats à la Pasta

Oatyssey was started in 2019 in Ottawa with the goal of making innovative healthy and tasty food products out of oats. We only use pure Canadian oats and all-natural ingredients. Oatyssey creates a gourmet quality food experience for people who believe, as we do, better ingredients support better health. Oatyssey is building a sustainable food experience that does not compromise on taste or nutrition.

At Oatyssey, we are elevating oats from its traditional role in the breakfast and snack food categories to create premium oat pastas/noodles for you. Our highly nutritious pasta is made from whole grain Canadian oats with the mouth feel and bite not yielding to premium wheat pasta. Oats offer less carbs and more protein and fiber. Oatyssey pasta is also fast and convenient requiring shorter prep time and best of all, Oatyssey pasta holds onto your pasta sauce. Oatyssey creates a wonderful eating experience because we understand that taste and texture play a fundamental role in how much you enjoy your meal.